Monday, March 23, 2009

Bunny Hop Game

The Play Book Tag at Shelfari have conjured a new exciting challenge that sounds really fun and stress free..

For the main link for signing up for this challenge click here ..

This is a fun, low pressure activity for April and early May (April 1- May15). This activity was suggested and conceived by one of our members, Jen M.

How the game is played ..

1. Choose any book from your To Be Read pile to start.

2. Post a review of your book in your own special Bunny Hop thread.

3. Visit the Shelfari book page for your book and expand the list of tags so you can see all of them.

4. Take 3 hops from the start of the tag list, and click on the tag you land. Pick a new book from the list. IMPORTANT NOTE: Tags do NOT need to be Top 200 tags; all tags count.

5. Read the new book and post a review of it on your Bunny Hop thread.

6. This time, when you go to take your three hops, start at the tag you just completed. Then, take three hops to your next tag.
Continue on until one of the following things happens:

  • A. You come to a tag that has no books you haven't already read.
  • B. You come to a book with less than 4 tags (then there's no where to hop!)
  • C. You hit a tag where you are unable to obtain any more books.
  • D. You hit a duplicate tag that you've already completed.

Then the Bunny Hop is over! Hop as far as you can in the six weeks. Be sure to share the tags you try on your Bunny Hop thread.

For each review you post, you'll receive two participation points.
If, by luck, you happen to hop on the monthly tag (either April's or May's) during the course of the game, you will receive an EXTRA chance to be chosen in this May's raffle for a $15 Amazon gift certificate.

This is an example by Jen M..

Let's say you decide you want to start the game by reading Dingo by Charles de Lint. Once you finish it, you go to that book's page and click on all tags to show the full list of tags. When you do that, you'll see:

2008, animal people, animals, archive, australia, australian folklore, canadian authors, canadian literature, charles de lint, childrens fiction, childrens literature, curses, de lint charles, dingoes, fairy tale/myth fantasy, fantasy, fiction, folklore, folktales, isabelle s, jen m, magic, mythic fiction, newford, paranormal, redheads, romance, strong girls, tayshas ya reading list 2009, urban fantasy, ya lit, young adult, young adult romance

Starting from the beginning, you hop forward three times to get your next tag. So in this case, my next tag would be animals. I click on the animals tag and find a book I want to read next. Let's say I pick the first one on that list, which is Charlotte's Web. I read Charlotte's Web, finish the book and go to that book's page. I click on all tags to show the full list of tags, but this time when I "bunny hop" I'm starting from wherever the tag animals is listed in the list. So:

... american, american authors, american lit, american literature, animal, animal cruelty, animal fantasy, animal fiction, animal story, animal tale, animals, animals/pets, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic animals, anthropomorphism, apartment, aug-07, auth: e. b. white, author: e.b. white, award winner, awards and honors...

so my next tag would be, in this case, "anthropomorphic animals"...and on I'd go.

I will list the books as I read them and hope to get the most books I can :)

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