Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"I Suck at Challenges" Challenge

The main link for this challenge could be found here ..

The Slackers
(Aka "I will finish the Canadian Reading Challenge, I swear")
I try not to sign up for too many reading challenges but even when I commit to one or two I can't seem to complete them. Last year, I failed miserably at the 1st Canadian Reading Challenge.
It appears I'm heading down the same path. Are you like me? Then you are a Slacker.Join The Slackers if there are a couple particular challenges you are having trouble completing or you know you'll have trouble completing due to your track record. (Only count ongoing challenges that have deadlines of more than 3 months away, you are waaaaaay behind and you are particularly lazy. There's no shame in admitting it.)

The 12 Steppers(Aka "I can stop whenever I want.")
There's a challenge. You see it. Your palms start to sweat. Mr Linky mocks you. You try to stop yourself but it's too late. You've committed yourself to Books That Start With Q Challenge and you know you'll do it again when the next challenge comes along. The only thing is, how are you ever going to complete them all? Sound like you?
Then you are a 12 Stepper.
No program is going to help you though; you're addicted.
Join The 12 Steppers if you've signed up for more reading challenges than you can handle.

Sign up anytime between now and February 1, 2009. The challenge ends July 1, 2009.

Leave a comment on this post with a link to your challenge post. Tell me if you are a Slacker or a 12 Stepper and list your challenges.Then what?At the end of the month, starting in February, I'll put up a post calling for your progress. Leave a comment telling us if you've completed a challenge (link to your completed challenge post), if you're struggling with any and what ones, or if the challenge deadline came and went and you never finished.At the first of every month I'll put up a post to record your progress.
I'll encourage everyone to visit each other and cheer you on.Any incentives?Sure, why not? If you sign up by February 1st, I'll pick a name in a drawing for a little something, like a cute bookmark or something along that line. On July 1st, I'll once again draw once again from the sign in post for a "Surprise" package (it's a surprise to me too since I'll be collecting things throughout the months) of book related do-dads. No penalties if you don't complete all your challenges but please at least try!

Okay, so procrastinators unite! Together we will finish challenges we commit to. Join and add the button to your blog. Have fun!

I know I'm late in signing up but I just found this challenge and it so fits me.. I have signed up for so many challenges and don't know if I can catch up.. I'm hoping this challenge will help..

I'll be joining the slackers.. because I did pass on some challenges that I knew were too much for me like the reading classics, library books (don't have a library in my city) and the clusters challenges!!

My first update..
My second update ..
My third update ..
My Forth update ..



Muthering Heights said...

That's such a funny idea for a challenge!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

Yes it sure is.. I loved the idea plus the logo for the challenge :)