Friday, October 1, 2010

Quarterly Gang Bang Challenge

This is a challenge from the M/M Romance group on Goodreads.

The main link for the challenge is here.

A combination of the "Pick It For Me" challenge and the "What Do I Read Next" thread, this challenge is a reading gang bang!

How it works:

Step 1. Post in this thread that you want to participate and which shelf/shelves you want your books selected from. You will have until Midnight (Eastern time) Friday 9/17 to sign up.

Step 2. Once everyone is signed up, each participant will select one book for everyone else who signed up. You must pick a book from the participants "To-Read" shelf (or any shelf/shelves they specify they want their books chosen from)

Step 3. Send each participant a private message with the name of the book you have chosen for them. Do not post your selections here.

Step 4. Create a challengers list in this thread (see post #1 for an example). Please include the shelf/shelves you want you books selected from.

Step 5. As you read each book on the list, indicate the book has been read by either striking through it, putting the date read, # of stars awarded, or a combination of all three, next to the title.


1. You may read as many or as few books as you want but try to at least read 30 over the course of the 3 month challenge.
2. Each book should be in the M/M genre but I'll allow you to slide now and then.
3. Please include a "read" indicator at the top of your post, 0/10 Read.
4. When you update, please edit your original post and do not create a new post each time.
5. You will have October 1st to December 31st to read each of the books. You may not start any of your books until October 1st.
6. If you profile is private, you will need to "friend" each one of the participants so they can see your bookshelves.
7. Update your list in the Participants thread and your "Gang Bang" shelf (see Tips below) as soon as you receive a recommendation to help avoid getting duplicates selected for you.
8. PLEASE do not begin selecting books for the participants until after the sign up period has ended (Friday 9/17 Midnight [Eastern time]).


✓ Create a special shelf that contains just the books you'd like the participants to select from. Make sure this shelf is up to date and contains enough books for all the participants to chose from.

✓ Create a "Gang Bang" shelf and shelve each of the books picked for you on this shelf. This should be an "exclusive" shelf so the book will automatically be removed from your to-read and transfer over to your Gang Bang shelf. That will let everyone know not to select that book again since it has already been picked.

✓ If you pick a book that is part of a series, make sure they have already either read the previous books or those books have already been chosen for them.

✓ Refer to the Gang Banger Spreadsheet for a list of participants and links to their challenge shelves.

✓ "Friend" everyone before the challenge begins to make sending them a message faster and easier.

✓ Select 2 or 3 books for each participant in case someone else has already recommended your first pick.

✓ When you recommend a book, include a link to it in the message you send so it's easier for the recipient to add the book to their challenge shelf.

My list of books:

4/59 Read

1. Tara - Out of My Mind
2. Angela - The Blue Moon Cafe
3. Moderatrix Lori - Perfect Man
4. Courtney - Crossing Borders
5. Becullen - Private Dicks
6. Perpetua - Blood Moon
7. Juniper - Chasing Smoke
8. Nancy L. - 911
9. Ozlem - With Love 3 stars
10. Leah - With Caution
11. Harper - Martin and the Wolf
12. Tj - Allergies
13. Smut Bitch - My Summer of Wes
14. Emileh - Two Plus One
15. Katie - Trust
16. Cori - Without Reservations
17. Sean - Tempted
18. Rossy - His Hearth
19. Msmiz95 - The Good Thief 4 stars
20. Nene - Broken Boundaries 5 stars
21. Arzu - Faith & Fidelity
22. Suong - Mexican Heat
23. Carolyn88 - Unintended
24. Valentina - The Slayer's Apprentice
25. Natsroshan - A Matter of Time
26. Mel - An Uncommon Whore
27. Giovanna - On Fire
28. Delicious Dee - Silver Bells
29. Cturtlechick - Immortality is the Suck
30. Lucy - Touch of a Wolf
31. Lynn - Wild Thing
32. Alina - Wanting
33. Denise - A Pint Light
34. Jess - Touch Me Gently
35. Janean - And Call Me in the Morning
36. Maya - Timing
37. Karen K. - Love Means... No Shame
38. Juli - The One That Got Away
39. Kelly M. - The Last Bite
40. Char - The Assignment
41. Lexi - Seeing You
42. Kelly Jo - Regularly Scheduled Life
43. Kathleen - Easy
44. Stacey Jo - Str8te Boys
45. Alli - A Fostered Love
46. Julia - Thaw 3 stars
47. Jerilin - Fatal Shadows
48. Nicci - I Spy Something Bloody
49. Jayded - Running Hot
50. Twila - To Hate and To Hold
51. Yoshi - Promises
52. Nightcolors - L.A. Heat
53. Serena - To Find and to Keep
54. Adara - Change of Heart
55. Gabrielle - In Flesh and Stone
56. Lacey - Broken
57. Anne - Shades of Gray
58. Tait - Magic and Mischief
59. Jadis - An Improper Holiday