Sunday, January 8, 2012

Count-down Challenge

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You select from the following categories and decide how many - in descending order - and which ones you want to read the most, in which order, over the next year.

EXAMPLE: You decide to start at 12. You choose Group Reads, and read twelve books. Then Group Member Authors, and read eleven. Then Continuing SEries, and listen to ten. On down the list to one. You do NOT have to read only one category in one month, you can space them out, pick and choose.

If you choose 12 books, this would be 78 books over the next year, if you go all the way down to 1, but you can choose 5 down to 1, which would be 15. Or 10 down to 5, which would be 45 books.

Each book can only be counted once in the challenge

Post as you go, or commit to them all now.

The categories below were pulled from a combination of group bookshelves and random themes. In order for a group bookshelf to be listed it had to have at least 250 books on it (so you have plenty to choose from)

1. Groups Reads
2. Group Author Members
3. Buddy Reads/Recommended for You
4. First in Series
5. Continuing Series
6. New to You Author
7. Published in 2012
8. Free Read - might be online freebies, books won, review copies etc
9. Long Read (250+ pages)
10. Theme - Friends to Lovers
11. Theme - Gay for You
12. Theme - Hurt/Comfort
13. Theme - Abduction/Kidnapped
14. Theme - Established Couples
15. Genre - Action/Suspense/Adventure
16. Genre - Fantasy
17. Genre - Historical
18. Genre - Contemporary
19. Genre - Paranormal
20. Genre - SciFi/Futuristic/Postapoc
21. Publisher - Loose-ID
22. Publisher - Dreamspinner
23. Publisher - Participants Choice (must be all from the same publisher) - if you go for a self-publisher, then the author is considered the publisher and all books must be from the same
24. Profession - Sex Industry
25. Profession - Medical
26. Profession - Law Enforcement
27. Profession - College
28. Profession - Businessman/Lawyer
29. Profession - Cowboy
30. Profession - Arts/Performance


Free Read 0/4

1. Teacher Gets Taught by Chloe Cox
2. Parkinson's Disease Looking Down the Barrel by Richard Secklin
3. Daddy Of The Bride by Katie Cramer
4. Top Ten by Ryne Douglas Pearson

New to You Author 0/3
1. I'll Do Anything For This Job by Holly Love
2. Anal Obsession by Aaron Ace
3. Butchered by Bradley Convissar

Gay for You 0/2
1. Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane

Participants Choice 0/1

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