Thursday, May 14, 2009

Royal's ROMANCE Reading Challenge

I saw this challenge at Annie's blog and thought it was cute, so I'm joining in :)

The main link for this challenge is here .. At Royal Reviews :)

For this challenge you will need to read seven books in six months. To complete the challenge the title or author's name will need to begin with the letters R-O-M-A-N-C-E and must be classified as a romance novel (this includes as romance sub genre including contemporary, historical or paranormal).

To join us in the challenge, put a post on your blog saying you're participating in the challenge and the letters R-O-M-A-N-C-E down the post ready for you to put up your book list. Now you can post a suggested list or you can just put up the letters in preparation. You can change the your choice at any time, books can crossover with any other challenges but must be reviewed to be counted. Don't forget to put up the Button for this challenge in your side bar with a link to Royal Reviews. This challenge begins on June 1st and finishes on November 30,2009, although you can sign up anytime.
Please sign up with Mr Linky, including your name and the link to the POST, not your blog. Then come back each time you've reviewed a book and put it up on Mr Linky's book reviews link. When you finish the challenge there will also be a Mr Linky for that.For this challenge we are going to give out a cheerleaders prize. This prize will go to a challenge participant who cheers on the other participants and comments on reviews ( person will be decided by the Royal Reviewers).

Done !!


retroredux said...

This looks like fun! I think I'll join this one too :)

Sadako said...

Not signing up myself though I'm sure you'll do awesomely with it--but I just wanted to say that pic is SO CUTE!

wisteria said...

I like the idea of this challenge...still thinking.

DeSeRt RoSe said...

retroredux, that's great.. I'll be checking your list soon :)

Sadako, Aww thanks .. yeah I know isn't it so romantically cute?! I loved it.. it could have been what made me commit to the challenge :)

wisteria, hop on, you're not losing anything.. try it you might enjoy it ;)